2 Days in Paris

This was a quick but enchanted visit to the city of light.  I'm normally terrible about taking pictures when I'm not working.  Something about trying to live in the moment and seeing things first hand and not always through a lens.  But this trip was one fantastic exception.  Having only two whole days, I knew shooting as much as possible would be a must for me to remember it all accurately and have proof for myself it wasn't only a dream.  And oh, dreamy it was...  

A few hours in Copenhagen

This summer has been filled with some amazing travel opportunities for Michael and I.  Unfortunately not together, but amazing nonetheless.  Michael traveled to Moscow to visit his mom and then together they visited Iceland.  I traveled to Paris with dear friends Karl and Nanette.  It was my first trip overseas!  (Je suis amoureux!)  En route to Paris, we had a long enough layover in Copenhagen to explore the city for a few hours.  (Actually Michael did too between Moscow and Iceland.)  I'm excited to share photos from Michael's travels as well, but I'm starting here with my first stop in Copenhagen.  Just a quick little glimpse of some of the things I found beautiful and interesting in this dynamic city.  Next up, Paris!