Evie's 2nd Birthday!

On 3.24.13, our little Evie turned 2!  We thought we'd share the day.  It was very low key and so much fun.  Evie loved every minute.

I got her all dolled up with updo and everything.  We knew it would last all of 5 minutes so we grabbed our cameras and shot as fast as we could!  Sure enough, after a few minutes, she was ready to get messy with puddles and sidewalk chalk, so I just stripped the dress off, and off it stayed through cake.

Big brother Grant arrived home from his dad's and got a very excited greeting from Miss Evelyn.  They are truly so sweet together.

It seems like just yesterday he was Evie's age!!

Cake time!

She seems fascinated by the smoke from the candles.

I think she loved the balloon as much as anything else she received that day.

Back into the dress for presents.

Our little artist loved her new easel Daddy picked out.

A helping hand on her new scooter from "Uncle" Justin.

And she's off!