For many years I have used this opportunity to talk about our experience (*we have a lot of it), but now I've decided I'd rather tell you about the other random things that make us us.  The thing is we want to get to know you, so let's start the conversation...



I tend to write with a lot of parentheses (like this) and a lot of three dots at the end of a sentence...

Obsessed with all things beautiful, especially florals, interior design, great cities, and of course photography.  Will choose aesthetics over function every time, though I am always impressed any time the two merge.

I love good food (especially cheese), wine (any red or sauvignon blanc), and strong coffee (cafe Cubano, anyone?).

I tell the worst jokes, it's true.  You may even hear one when we work together.  If you're lucky.  (Or unlucky, Michael and our kiddos would say.)  

I believe our kids are the best people I've ever met.  

I have enough hair on my head to cover 3 heads, and half of it is curly.  Every time I attempt to wear it down and styled in this Florida humidity, without fail it soon looks like Monica's fro on that tropical vacation episode of Friends.  

Most things in life remind me of a Friends episode.  "Pivot!"

I love love love ballerinas.  Something to do with loving all things beautiful.  Still on the lookout for an adult beginner's ballet class.  Or perhaps I will just have to be the tallest girl in the usual beginner's class.    

I crack myself up.  One of the things I love most about Michael is that when I am cracking myself up, he almost always laughs with me and validates my ridiculous sense of humor.  We laugh together a lot.  He is pretty hilarious too.  

Sadly, I am not so graceful.  And I'm beginning to think I will never be a ballerina.  But at least I get to be a photographer.  THAT is pretty amazing.  



Unlike me, he is a natural born athlete.  I'm not sure I've seen him play a single sport in which he doesn't excel.  (It can be a little annoying for those of us who related more to the character Daria in gym class.)  

Growing up in Boise, he developed a strong love for winter sports (snowboarding).  He is always fighting the urge to hop on the next plane West to hit the slopes and I'm pretty sure he has certain snowboarding documentaries memorized.  

He loves the ocean almost as much as the mountains...  but not quite.  

A seasoned globe-trotter from an early age, he wishes for eternal life for the sole purpose of being able to explore every bit of this diverse world.  We relish wondering through an unfamiliar city together.  Though of course, he would prefer us to be wondering through Yosemite.  

He too loves great food, and is fun to impress with fancy Pinterest recipes gone right.  (Let's just assume my Pinterest recipes always go right.)  

He's an awesome dad...  The kind of dad who is still a kid at heart (loves legos, especially Star Wars sets).  

Did I mention that he's a pretty amazing photographer?  He never stops learning, and in turn, loves to teach.  (He earned his master's degree in photography mainly so he could teach at a university level, and currently teaches at FGCU.)  

He thinks his wife is the funniest, sweetest, most beautiful and talented woman in the world.  (Right, Honey?)  ;)  



Together, we are fine art wedding photographers who split our time between the west coast of Florida and Kansas City, MO.  We love Florida's beautiful beaches and historic estate venues as much as we love Kansas City's urban loft venues and rustic elegant country locales. While we love to travel stateside and internationally, most of our weddings take place in Florida; Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Naples, Marco Island, St. Petersburg and Tampa, along with the beautiful islands off the coast of Sarasota and Ft. Myers (Longboat Key, Sanibel, and Captiva to name a few), along with our second home Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas.  

We really just feel oh-so-lucky.  We have each other, our two beautiful kiddos (Grant and Evie- they are growing like weeds!), our rescue German Shepherd dog (Max), and our tomcat (Korben Dallas).  We reside with these loves in a charming old 1920's house we adore (a never-ending project in itself!) where we love to entertain our wonderfully supportive friends and family.  And of course, we have this amazing work we are so very passionate about.  I am knocking on wood as I type this (I do that a lot)...  Life is good!

While life will always have its ups and downs, we work hard to recognize and appreciate every good thing and person in our lives.  In life and in our photography, we pay attention to the little things as well as the big, and strive to see (and show) the magic in it all.    

*Oh, and if you're wondering about that experience...  we have both been shooting professionally (and together) for over 10 years!

Okay, now it's your turn- tell us about yourself and the people and animals you love!  Get in touch here.