Hi there! I’m Audrey, owner and photographer of Audrey Snow Photography. I have been professionally photographing weddings and portraits for over 12 years and still get excited about every shoot. Being entrusted to capture some of life’s greatest moments is a special honor I never tire of and doing something creative that I truly love makes me feel whole.

Fun fact: Snow is my middle name. It is a family name that my mom and my daughter also claim. I’m pretty fond of it and I love sharing it with the two most important girls in my life.

I am a midwesterner (so you know I’m nice.) :) I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa before moving to Kansas City, Missouri where I lived for seven years. As much as I enjoy my current home of beautiful Southwest Florida, Kansas City will always hold a special place in my heart. I still think of it as home and am fortunate to be able to shoot weddings there too.

I love good food and wine (don’t we all?). I love to cook and only in the last couple of years would say I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I love to entertain. Being surrounded by friends and family, hosting them and making them feel at home in my home makes me happy. I only wish I had the time to do it more.

I am married to my best friend (cliche but true), Michael. He is also a professional photographer and sometimes shoots with me and sometimes without me. We have been working together for over 10 years. The wedding portfolio shown on this site is a combination of both of our work. Our styles mesh seamlessly.

Michael and I reside in an historic house we adore with our 2 amazing kiddos (Grant and Evie) and our rescue animals; (Korben Dallas the cat and Max the German Shepard). Our 1925 house is a never-ending project but we love it like a part of our family.

My style is timeless and romantic and fairly relaxed. I guess I like to think of myself that way too.

No one likes a one-sided conversation, so let’s connect! I can’t wait to hear from you!